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When the tall palms wave Aloha „June in Honolulu“ will take you on a journey and enchant you with the sweet sound of the Hawaiian steel guitar and the beautiful voice of June Kater.  Moments seem to drift into as infinite vastness and time will cease to exist.  Sunsets take your breath away and leave you with a deep sense of beauty. Moonlight falls like a silver curtain over a smiling land and a peaceful sea. Scents of a thousand flowers float across the valley and swirl around in every pore. That is how Ted Bliss would introduce the exotic Magic Island in an old time radio show when he dreamed of a far-off paradise. Somewhere in time, somewhere in paradise, where the band wants to take you. Swing along, be intoxicated and Visit the „June in Honolulu Show“ with its hawaiian slow jazz south sea feeling, the old songs of the magical islands and hawaiian songs from the golden age and of course some wonderful classics, which would like to take a vacation.

On a beautiful day in Berlin, June Kater and Chad Wizzly come together and the universe decides that these two paradise-birds will embark on a long journey across the wide ocean, to indulge in the musical world of the magical islands. Chad has been involved with the steel guitar and the various tunings for some time and quickly fell in love with the old artists and fabulous players like Roy Smeck, King Benny Nawahi, Tau Moe, Jim & Bob, Dick Mcintire and Sol Hoopii. There are so many great players. June Kater has been around the music world for decades.  Besides solo performances on the piano or with her guitar, she still sings and plays in her band „SingSingSing“.

Fine Huff was chosen to play the sonorous magic of the double bass to add the final harmonic touch to our band. Philip Andronic conjures up more pure magic and extra sparkle on the vibraphone. „June in Honolulu“ would like to bow to the artists, their music & their interpretations and let the music live on with love and respect and thus bring the sunshine and the Aloha spirit a little closer to you. 

We are June in Honoulu: June Kater (vocals and guitar), Chad Wizzly (hawaiian steel guitar), Fine Huff (vocals and double bass), and Philip Andronic (vibraphone)

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Upcoming shows

SEP, 27th, 2024

OKT, 4th, 2024 


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Sweet Music

here you can find some of our songs and interpretations. Strandbar is our own song. Our esteemed friend Rich Millin relaxes on the drums and Philipp Raspleszcz enchants you on the electric guitar. Chad Wizzly on lapsteel, Fine Huff on Doublebass and Backing Vocals and June Kater sings for you at the bar. You´re welcome to the next show to hear more songs., 



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